Bemidji Brewing Co. puts new location on tap

BEMIDJI--After two successful years at its current facility, Bemidji Brewing Co. announced Tuesday it plans to renovate and move into another location downtown in 2016.


BEMIDJI-After two successful years at its current facility, Bemidji Brewing Co. announced Tuesday it plans to renovate and move into another location downtown in 2016.

According to a press release, Bemidji Brewing, which operates at 401 Beltrami Ave. NW, has planned a three-phase, nine-month project to move the business to 211 America Ave. NW, adjacent to the railroad corridor and the newly built Downtown Meats building.

During the expansion process, Bemidji Brewing will maintain its current operation and taproom at the existing location.

"After a thorough site-selection process, we are excited to realize this next chapter of Bemidji Brewing," co-founder Bud Kaney said in a release. "It feels great to see things happening after so much planning."

The first phase of the expansion will include preparing the production space and getting the 15-barrel brewhouse running. The company will then build out a 2,000 square-foot taproom and patio for its second phase and incorporate in-house food sales with a small-plate food menu for its third phase.


The company release states the new location offers 6,100 square feet of space and that the 15-barrel brewhouse, along with added fermentation and cooperage space will allow the business to grow from its current maximum output of 450 barrels per year to more than 1,000 barrels in 2016 and increase to 6,000 barrels with expanded space.

"Having the increased brewing capacities and efficiencies will help Bemidji Brewing begin to meet the demand for our craft beer in Bemidji and beyond, and we are excited to see our beer travel to other markets," co-founder Tom Hill said.

According to Tina Kaney, expansion was always part of the plan for Bemidji Brewing Co.

"From the time we started forming our company, we knew we wanted to be around the 15-barrel brewhouse level," Tina Kaney said in an interview. "It's always been our target."

Tina Kaney said the company spent the last year and a half looking at both existing buildings and land options, but settled on the location on America Avenue Northwest for its ability to both accommodate brewing equipment needs and maintain the current taproom experience.

"We know we want to have a patio of some sort for outside seating and we also want people to see more of the brewing process," Tina Kaney said. "Whether that be with more windows or more formal tours, we want to bring more of the things that make us unique."

"Throughout our two years in operation at our current location, we have implemented great programs and we look forward to elevating our taproom experience in 2016," co-founder Megan Hill said in the release.

"We really appreciate all of the community support," Tina Kaney said. "We are excited to maintain our presence in downtown Bemidji."


The company hopes to have the transition complete by summer 2016.

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