BEMIDJI -- Roadside vegetation control will be performed along Beltrami County highways beginning May 24.

They will be spraying for spotted knapweed, thistle, tansy, wild parsnip and brush. Some or all of the county roads in the following townships will be sprayed; Turtle Lake, Durand, Maple Ridge, Alaska East, Nebish, Northern, Turtle River, Port Hope, Hagali, Hines, Taylor, Moose Lake, Birch and Summit.

Many locals may have property adjacent to the roadside scheduled for treatment, and are advised that selective herbicides will be used to control the brush and noxious weeds, but allow the grass to grow. All herbicides have been fully tested and are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, a release said.

If locals do not want spraying adjacent to their property they must place “Begin of no spray” and “End of no spray” signs at the beginning and end of their segment in the ditch clearly visible to the spray contractor, the release said.

A map of the roads that they will be spraying along with a list of the roads or road segments can be found on the Beltrami County website. For questions or concerns, call the Beltrami County Highway Department at (218) 333-8173.