RED LAKE -- Seven candidates vied for three open seats in the Red Lake School Board election primaries held Aug 11. As of Wednesday morning, the 4 of 5 precincts had reported results, with the smallest precinct, Clearwater County, holding out until Thursday.

The list of candidates included two incumbents -- current Board Chair Michael Barrett and current Vice-Chair Christopher Jourdain -- and five challengers: Patricia Neadeau, Tina Stately, Susan Ninham, Rob Pemberton Sr. and Jack Desjarlait.

Both Barrett and Jourdain’s seats are up for election, and current board member Douglas Desjarlait is not seeking re-election.

Only one candidate was eliminated through the primary, as two candidates per seat may run in the general election. Ninham will not move on to November’s general election.

Here are the primary results:

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  • Robert Pemberton had 218 votes, 18.8% of the total votes.

  • Incumbent Michael Barrett had 176 votes, 15.2% of the total votes.

  • Incumbent Chris Jourdain had 173 votes, 14.9% of the total votes.

  • Patricia Neadeau had 169 votes, 14.6% of the total votes.

  • Jack Desjarlait had 168 votes, 14.5% of the total votes.

  • Tina Stately had 149 votes, 12.9% of the total votes.

  • Susan Ninham had 105 votes, 9.1% of the total votes.

The results were all relatively close, although there was low voter turn out, which Vice-Chair Jourdain said is typical of Red Lake School Board primaries. Most school districts statewide do not hold primaries for school board elections, Red Lake is one of only a handful of districts that opt to hold them.

On Nov. 2, the three candidates with the most votes will fill the open seats. Those elected in November will serve four-year terms.