RED LAKE -- Red Lake Tribal Chairman Darrell Seki Sr. issued an executive order easing some restrictions enacted under medical martial law, while keeping the order in effect, during a special tribal council meeting on July 2.

The curfew and shelter in place orders were lifted as well, Seki announced in a video update to band members on Thursday.

Prior to the amendment, travel to and from the reservation was strictly monitored to only allow essential travel.

Now, borders will continue to be monitored, with border security agents checking all vehicles leaving and entering the reservation. “Border security (which) is now called COVID security will remain in place,” Seki said.

Band members who do not live within the reservation may cross for limited purposes, including fishing, gathering medicines, pay respects at cemeteries, picking up prescriptions, attending medical appointments, or receiving other tribal services, the order said.

Non-tribal members who do not reside on the reservation will only be allowed through to conduct essential business, pay respects at cemeteries and assist the vulnerable or elders. Non-members will not be permitted to cross to fish.

The original medical martial law order canceled all non-essential gatherings. The amended order allows for some gatherings: funerals, meetings, wakes, memorials, family gatherings and program activities. No more than 250 people should be allowed at outdoor gatherings, and no more than 50 at indoor gatherings. All meetings must include social distancing and wearing of masks when advisable, the order said.

“If the relaxed precautions result in a spike in positive cases, the more restrictive protections will be put back in place,” Seki said.

The amended order also stated all who display COIVD-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 can get tested through Indian Health Services. The tribal council and Indian Health Services will cooperate to help secure a safe place to self-isolate for those who need to do so.

Red Lake Nation has been under a state of emergency since March 13, and under medical marital law since April 1.

The amended order will remain in effect and will be reviewed for modification or renewal every 15 days.