BEMIDJI -- Approximately 160 grams of suspected fentanyl, a potentially fatal drug, was seized in Northern Minnesota on Monday by the Pine to Prairie and Paul Bunyan Drug Task Forces, according to a press release.

In an effort to save lives, law enforcement across Northern Minnesota sent out a warning regarding the potentially fatal drug that is possibly linked to one fatal overdose and a number of non-fatal overdoses in the region, the release said.

Several arrests have been made in the case, but charges have not yet been filed.

The seized suspected fentanyl is a fine crystal with a pink color, which has been sold as heroin under the street name, “fire.”

Fentanyl is a controlled substance with high risk for addiction and dependence which can cause respiratory distress and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances, especially alcohol.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most recent cases of fentanyl-related harm, overdose and death in the U.S. are linked to illegally made fentanyl. It is often mixed with heroin and/or cocaine as a combination product -- with or without the user’s knowledge.

The substance is currently being analyzed by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The public is encouraged to report any information regarding this substance to law enforcement.