BEMIDJI — As the nights get colder, a handful of students at Bemidji State reached out on Tuesday, once again, to let the less fortunate know where to find help if they need it.

The Bemidji State Council of Indian Students held its annual Feast for the Homeless and Families in Transition at the American Indian Resource Center, offering those in need a warm meal and some basic necessities. According to the Bemidji State website, it is the fifth consecutive year for the event.

“We want them to know they can come here to the American Indian Resource Center,” Council of Indian Students President Alicia Bowstring said. “We want them to know that they can come here and this is a safe place for them. They’re welcome here.”

Bowstring said they prepared to feed up to 100 people. In addition to serving those who came to the center for a meal, the students were also out delivering meals to people throughout town.

The annual meal comes at the beginning of November, which is designated as Native American Indian Heritage Month. BSU will host a number of events to coincide throughout the month.

In addition to the members of the Council of Indian Students, there were also volunteers from the Nursing Department as well as several Indigenous Studies classes.

During the meal, a line of volunteers manned the food table, offering spaghetti, brownies and other options to those coming through. Inside the large event room, another couple students supervised a table of water bottles, fleece blankets and gift bags filled with personal care items.

Nursing student sophomores Hannah Barlow and Alyssa Krause were two of the volunteers helping to hand out the care packets. Along with other students, Krause and Barlow helped put all the care packages together prior to the event.

Aside from the benefit the personal care items provide in and of themselves, Krause said providing such basic items for people in tough situations helps them to be able to look beyond their immediate needs.