HACKENSACK -- Faith in Action is sponsoring a quilt raffle, thanks to a donation of a quilt from a local quilting group. The raffle grand prize is a 92” x 72” quilt in brown, tan, cream, green and burgundy with a coffee-colored back. It is reversible and finished throughout with a swirling stitching pattern.

The Faith in Action raffle quilt will be on display at the Faith in Action office in Hackensack, where tickets are available to purchase. It will also be on display at the Hackensack Flea Markets throughout the summer.

The quilt will be raffled off Sept. 27, at the Annual Booya Supper in Hackensack with proceeds going to Faith in Action to cover volunteer training, mileage and coordination.  Other prizes include a $50 gift card from Mark’s Market in Hackensack and an art package from the Traveling Art Pub in Walker.