10 years ago

August 18, 2009 -- Jane Erwin drove to Bemidji from Hoffman, Minn., to tell U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson that government shouldn’t expand its role in health care. Unemployed, Erwin said

Congress should have done more for jobs than for health care. “There have been times in my life I haven’t had health insurance, I do not believe that government owes me health insurance.”

25 years ago

August 18, 1994 -- Minda Thompson told her husband, Mark Thompson, she was in labor and then fell to the living room floor. Mark dialed 911 and two Bemidji First Responders, Gary Panzer and Maria Stai, and Beltrami County Deputy Teri Gunsalus arrived followed by two paramedics, Scott LaCoursiere and Keith Sheehan and within minutes baby Jane Mari was born at home.

50 years ago

August 18, 1969 -- The Chippewa Indian Tribe of Minnesota called to remove Paul Krause of Bemidji from his post as state Indian Agency superintendent. Krause is "a definite roadblock” to Indian efforts to help themselves, according to Marvin Sargent, chairman of the White Earth Indian Reservation Council. Krause will await comment after he sees the official minutes.

100 years ago

August 18, 1919 -- When the Bemidji band gives its regular weekly concert in Library Park, Director Riggs will present six new popular hits, specially for the community pavement dance after the regular concert, and he wants to see another large crowd of dancers. At the concert, the heaviest and best overture of the season will be played by the band.