The Special Olympics Area Swim Meet was held at the Bemidji High School on Friday, April 26. Coaches for the team are Sylvia Fossen and Jodi Sandmeyer. 

Pictured from left in front: Kayta Vant Hof, Roland Spears, Dean Johnson, David Wangberg, Shelly Grimes, Renee Miller, Star Prenger, Becky Pukal, Marla Benaise, Terri Melhus Middle: Aaliyah Peake, Blaze Bellomo, Nash Tietz, Heather Dwyer, Cody VanEngelenhoven, Gail Platt, Carly Gunvalson, Melanie Toftum, Garrett Edelman and Mindy Donat. In back: Justine Hubbard, David Bohlman, Justin Wubbels, Jamie Randberg, Brian Hazard, Eli Karger, Suzie Takle, Marley Ueland, Elena Harmsen, Anika Harmsen, Kristen Sandmeyer, Simone Ueland and Assistant Coach Carrie Maki. 

Here is a look at the students who participated and their events and times:

Marla Benaise: 2nd 15M Walk 1:00.0; 2nd 30M Walk 2:00.73.

**David Bohlman: 1st 15M Free :33.78; Part 25M Free; 2nd 50M Free 1:30.62.

Heather Dwyer: 1st 15M Float :47.14; 1st 30M Float 2:06; 1st 25M Float 1:40.

Katie Fellows: 1st 100M Free 2:11.06; 1st 50M Back 1:14.81; 4th 50M Free 1:07.48.

**Shelly Grimes: 2nd 15M Free 1:25.18; 7th 25M Free 1:52.02; Part 25M Back 2:02.09.

**Carly Gunvalson: 2nd 100M Free 2:06.84; 2nd 50M Back 1:01.92; 1st 100M IM 2:34.18.

Brian Hazard: 1st 25M Free :20.3; 1st 50M Free :49.0; 2nd 25M Back :36.14.

Dean Johnson: 2nd 25M Free :52.56; 2nd 50M Free 2:08.12; 1st 25M Back :51.57.

Terri Melhus: 1st 25M Free :44.64; 3rd 50M Free 3:08.62; 2nd 25M Back 1:20.03.

**Renee Miller: 3rd 25M Free 1:01:1; 3rd 50M Free 2:24.68; 3rd 25M Back 2:01.75.

**Gail Platt: 2nd 100M Free 3:00.5; 3rd 50M Back 1:43.18; 1st 50M Free 1:23.65.

**Star Prenger: 4th 25M Free :38.4; 2nd 50M Back 1:33.87; 5th 50M Free 1:15.22.

**Becky Pukal: 2nd 15M Free :39.41; 5th 25M Free 1:13.57; Part 25M Back 1:03.95.

Jamie Randberg: 1st 30M Free :51.41; 1st 25M Free :43.81; 1st 50M Free 1:28.36.

Roland Spears: 6th 25M Free 1:24.05; 1st 50M Free 1:58.07; 1st 25M Back 1:02.43.

Suzie Takle: 5th 25M Free :39.6; 1st 25M Breast :43.58; 3rd 50M Free 1:02.44.

Nash Tietz: 1st 25M Free :16.81; 1st 50M Free :38.86; 1st 25M Back :25.6.

**Melanie Toftum: 2nd 25M Breast :51.4; 6th 50M Free 1:15.23; 2nd 25Mm Back :46.16.

Cody VanEngelenhoven: 1st 50M Free 1:07.12; 3rd 25M Back :45.12; 3rd 25M Free :19.58.

**Katya Vant Hof: 1st 15M Free :34.12; 2nd 30M Free 1:23.5; 3rd 25M Free :48.18.

**David Wangberg: 1st 100M Free 1:32.84; 1st 50M Back :52.84; 1st 50M Free :43.24.

Justin Wubbels: 1st 15M Walk :44.11; 2nd 15M Float :52.78; 1st 30M Walk 1:31.97.

(** = athletes advancing to state competition; Part = participation ribbon)

4x25M Free Relay: Team members Heather Dwyer, Brain Hazard, Roland Spears and Dean Johnson, placed first with a time of 3:28.8. Team members Katie Fellows, Suzie Takle, Terri Melhus and Jamie Randberg, placed second with a time of 2:53.47.

4x25M Unified Relay: Team members David Wanberg, Nash Tietz, *Blaze Bellomo, and *Garrett Edelman, placed first with a time of 1:09.72.

Team members Shelly Grimes, Renee Miller, *Aaliyah Peake, and *Justine Hubbard, placed second with a time of 3:51.

Team members Carly Gunvalson, Becky Pukal, *Marley Ueland, and *Mindy Donat, placed second with a time of 2:04.58.

Team members David Bohlmann, Star Prenger, *Anika Harmsen, and *Elena Harmsen, placed first with a time of 1:47.23.

Team members Melanie Toftum, Gail Platt, *Kristen Sandmeyer, and *Simone Ueland placed third with a time of 2:20.

(* = Unified Partner on the team. On a Unified Relay, there are two athletes and two unified partners)