Cadet/Staff Sgt. Malorie Grauman and her mother, senior member 2nd Lt. Phyleasha Grauman, of Tenstrike, recently obtained their FAA part 107 commercial drone licenses. This accomplishment was largely motivated by the training and support they received through their involvement with Bemidji Civil Air Patrol.

With this license, they are able to take aerial photographs for commercial purposes as well as participate in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) piloting for emergency services and search and rescue missions conducted by Civil Air Patrol.

The part 107 FAA pilot license test is a 60-question multiple choice test. The test must be proctored at an FAA approved testing center; the nearest testing center is Airways Aviation in Grand Rapids.

For those ages 12 and older who are interested in learning more about aerospace education or search and rescue, or interested adults, teachers or pilots with experience and knowledge looking for a place that would benefit from their skills, contact Phyleasha Grauman at or (218) 760-5387.