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More than 300 take part in Township Tuesday in Beltrami County

BEMIDJI—More than 300 area residents took part in Township Tuesday this year.

Every March, many of Minnesota's 1,781 townships hold a meeting to elect officers and voice opinions and ideas on local issues. The annual event has come to be known as Township Tuesday and in Beltrami County, more than 300 people got involved.

During the many meetings across the county Tuesday, both incumbents and new candidates won positions in several local townships:

• Alaska Township had nine voters who re-elected Chair Tom Adam and Treasurer Pam Kaasa.

• Battle Township Supervisor Kevin Helblad and Treasurer Glen Hanks were re-elected Tuesday. Seven voters participated.

• Brian Merschman was re-elected in Bemidji Township, with 17 voters a the meeting.

• Seven voters attended the Benville Township meeting, where Chair Jim Verbout and Treasurer Pam Mostrom were re-elected.

• In Birch Township, there were seven voters. Township Chair Jerome Geerdes and Treasurer Julie Geerdes were re-elected, while Supervisor Joe Rossi was newly elected.

• There were 14 voters who attended the Buzzle Township meeting. Chair Lief Tronnes and Treasurer Paul Hokuf were re-elected.

• In Cormant Township, 12 voters participated. Supervisor Jack Williamson was newly elected while Treasurer Debbie Tjepkes was re-elected.

• Eckles Township Chair Donald Hazeman and Treasurer Sandy Burgoon were re-elected. The Eckles meeting brought out 33 residents.

• In Frohn Township, Supervisor Kathy Robinson and Chair Marion were re-elected. Voter totals were unavailable.

• Five voters attended the Hamre Township meeting. Supervisor Wayne Byklum and Treasurer Elaine Rychlock were re-elected.

• Lammers Township Chair Larry Tolman and Treasurer Anne Lundberg were re-elected Tuesday. There were 24 residents attending the meeting.

• In Langor Township, Supervisor Ben Frenzel and Treasurer Scott Haiby were re-elected with 10 voters in attendance.

• Liberty Township's meeting had 33 residents in attendance. Chair Richard Curtis and Treasurer Judy Black were re-elected.

• In Minnie Township, Supervisor Julie Grossman and Treasurer Lauralee Hahn were re-elected. However, voter numbers were unavailable.

• Moose Lake Supervisor Jack Buhn and Treasurer Jackie Rentz were re-elected Tuesday with 10 voters in attendance.

• O'Brien Township Chair Carl Nipp was re-elected with seven voters attending the meeting.

• In Port Hope Township, Bernard Fennell was newly elected as supervisor.

• With 13 residents participating in Quiring Township, Chair Gary Eklund, Supervisor Joe Brambrink and Treasurer Joe Dietrich were all re-elected.

• Roosevelt Township also had 13 voters attend the meeting. Chair John Simmons, Clerk Robbie Pond and Treasurer Jerry Winans were re-elected.

• In Steenerson Township, Supervisor Donald Wikert and Treasurer Leann Wikert were re-elected with 12 people in attendance.

• Eight voters attended the Taylor Township meeting, with Chair Gerald Sizer and Treasurer Beverly Klein winning re-election.

• Ten Lake Township Chair Dave Fallis, along with Supervisors Rory Potter and Tom Raymond were re-elected with 17 residents in attendance.

• With 71 voters in attendance for Turtle Lake Township's meeting, Bill Barthelemy defeated incumbent Supervisor Russell Bennett 39-29. Cynthia Haskin was elected Supervisor. Though Treasurer Gail Dockendorf didn't seek another term, she was elected via write-ins and accepted the position again.

There are 42 townships in Beltrami County, yet not all of them take part in Township Tuesday. For example, Northern and Hines Townships conduct their elections in November. Statewide, there are 914,174 residents living in townships.

Matthew Liedke

Matthew Liedke is the city, county and state government reporter for the Bemidji Pioneer. He also covers business, politics and financial news.

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