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Commissioners takes in $900,000 from tax forfeited land sales

BEMIDJI—More than $908,000 in revenue was generated in 2018 by way of Beltrami County tax forfeited land sales, and this month, the dollars were distributed to several government units.

According to documents, the Beltrami County Board of Commissioners was given a report on where the $908,294 is going during its meeting Tuesday. The report showed the primary distribution made with the revenue was to county economic development efforts, with $200,000, or 22 percent of the net total.

Other distributions include:

• $72,488.11 for timber development, such as seedling, planting and bud capping work.

• $127,161.12 for the acquisition and maintenance of county parks.

• $203,457.79 for the county's general revenue fund.

• $101,728.89 for township and city governments.

• $203,457 for the county's school districts.

Documents state the distribution amounts are based on percentages set by state statute. The county board approved the 2018 dollars to be distributed in February during a meeting on Dec. 18.

The report also noted the 2018 revenue as being down from 2017, which had of $1.3 million, and the 2016 amount of roughly $989,000.