BEMIDJI-Headwaters Basketmakers Guild will hold its annual workshop, "Weavin' Up North," on April 26-28 at Concordia Language Villages, 8659 Thorsonveien Road NE.

Established with a newspaper ad, the Headwaters Basketmakers Guild is a community of friends who enjoy weaving, a release said. The guild connects weavers with other communities of weavers throughout the country.

This year attendees will come from North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan to learn techniques from distinguished teachers from outside the local community. All teachers design the baskets that they present at the workshop.

Featured teachers are:

Steve and Sandy Atkinson, from Lansing, Mich. They own a basket supplies business and ship nationwide. Sandy is a basket designer and teacher who has worked with PBS to create videos and share them on television. She will offer three classes; one for beginners and the other two will expand the skills of experienced weavers. Steven will set up a small store at the workshop and offer classes in seat-weaving.

Jeanne Dudley, an artist from Iowa, will offer the art of broom making, in addition to her "Spirit of the Woods" basket with a face carved handle. Dudley has a master's degree in fiber arts and arts education.

Bonnie Rideout, of Decatur, Ill., owns a basket shop and creates baskets using her dyed reed and embellishments and trims that accent the basket. Her Savannah Tote has a leather strap and a design incorporating different weaves.

Emily Derke, is a local artist who has skills in working with birch, willow and ash. Due to the popularity of last year's class, she is repeating the purse this year. This class filled the first two weeks of registration.

The mission of the Headwaters Basketmakers Guild is to preserve the art of basketmaking. "Weavin' Up North" is an open workshop and you do not have to be a member to attend. Registration is open until March 15. To register, contact