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Bemidji Brewing partners with Bernick's

Bemidji Brewing announced this week that it has a partnership with Bernick's Distributing to reach more communities in northern Minnesota.

In 2013, Bemidji Brewing launched by brewing 25 gallon batches of beer, and selling that beer to one account in Bemidji. The company has expanded several times, including moving to larger building spaces and adding more equipment to be able to produce more beer. For 2018, Bemidji Brewing is on track to produce 2,000 bbls of beer (about 63,000 gallons) at its Bemidji facility. All of that beer will have been purchased within a 45-minute drive of Bemidji.

The next chapter of growth for Bemidji Brewing is to expand its distribution footprint in northern Minnesota, officials said in a release. Since its inception, Bemidji Brewing has self-distributed its product to all on and off-sale accounts. But the time has arrived to partner with a distributor to send its product to current accounts and to bring its product to other northern Minnesota communities, officials said.

"Not only will this partnership send more Bemidji beer out to northern Minnesota, it will also allow Bemidji Brewing to focus on developing new products and continued steady growth while keeping committed to crafting quality beer," the release said.