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Must see video: Grand Forks deputy nearly killed by out of control pickup

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GRAND FORKS, ND--WDAY has obtained exclusive video of a crash involving a Grand Forks County Sheriff's Deputy.

Any officer will tell you there is no such thing as a routine stop.

That certainly proved to be the case on Wednesday night, August 29, as an out-of-control pickup slammed into the deputy’s squad, and the car he pulled over.

The driver of the pickup had just been released from the hospital for driving erratically just hours before the crash.

If you watch the video, you can see the deputy running for his life.

This all happened near the Holiday Station on South Washington.

The deputy had pulled over a wrong way driver.

Now the sheriff told WDAY it is more and more common, but not procedure, for officers to approach traffic stops on the passenger side.

But for some reason, the deputy walked up on the driver's side, likely saving his life.

Now here's what we know about the driver of the out of control pickup.

The 81-year-old man had just been released from the hospital minutes earlier after being checked out by staff there, after he was stopped for erratic driving a few hours prior by Grand Forks Police Department.   

He was reportedly bouncing off curbs and even went to the FedEx building thinking it was the hospital.

It's believed another medical episode contributed to this crash.

“He had all the lights on in that vehicle and you have to be blind to not see it, yeah he was lit up like a Christmas tree,” said Grand Forks Sheriff, Bob Rost.

A beet truck driver also had to slam on his brakes to avoid the pickup that careened in front of it.

We are told the driver went back to the hospital, this time with minor injuries.

The deputy and the driver of the other car were not hurt.

The driver of the out of control pickup was given a ticket for care required.