Women’s Sasquatch research group to visit Remer


REMER -- Minnesota’s first all-female Bigfoot research team will visit Remer, Minn., July 7 for the town’s annual Bigfoot Days festival.

The seven women who make up the SquatchHers group, formerly known as SHE-Squatchers, will hold one of their “Squatch Chats” during the event. They will also man a booth at the festival.

The research team -- founded in 2015 -- has searched northwestern Minnesota for Sasquatch before. The women hosted a chat in February at the Big Winnie Bar in Bena and, according to their blog, found footprints they believe may belong to the creature.

Squatch Chats are open to all ages and include storytelling. The team will answer questions from the public and discuss their finds. For more information visit www.squatchhers.com.