DEER RIVER-Two men accused of holding a store clerk at gunpoint during a robbery Wednesday were charged with felonies Friday.

Montana Oshiki Ayaabe Cutbank, 18, of Cass Lake, and Norman Wayne Cutbank III, 22, of Duluth, both appeared in Itasca County district court. The pair is charged with one count of first-degree aggravated robbery each.

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According to a criminal complaint, the Cutbanks went into the Dollar General in Deer River on Wednesday evening and grabbed several items off the store's shelves. They then went up to the clerk, at which point one of the men pulled out a handgun, pointed it her and told her "do what I say and you won't get hurt."

The clerk opened the store's till and one of the Cutbanks allegedly walked around the counter to grab between $250 and $500 from the cash drawer. The two men left the store via the front door.

The Cutbanks were arrested Thursday after Itasca County deputies got a tip from someone who had found a backpack in the road near Itasca County Road 142. The backpack was full of clothing matching the description of clothing worn by the robbers, and also contained a piece of paper with phone numbers.

Deputies called the number labeled "dad," identified the suspects' father and then found the silver Mercury Mountaineer, which picked up the suspects after the robbery.

While searching the Mountaineer, deputies found two people hiding under clothing in the vehicle. One of the people, identified as K.J.L, had a bag attached to his leg that contained a CO2 handgun.

Montana Cutbank's bail was set at $100,000 without conditions and $50,000 with conditions. Norman Cutbank's bail was set at $300,000 without conditions and $150,000 with conditions. Both men are set to appear in court Monday, Feb. 5, in Grand Rapids.