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Red Lake issues public health warning after heroin overdoses

RED LAKE—An overdose on the Red Lake reservation prompted law enforcement there to warn the public about heroin-related risks Tuesday.

According to a release posted on the Red Lake Police Department's Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, an overdose victim was "dumped" at the Red Lake hospital on either Monday or Tuesday.

In the release, the police department urged bystanders and friends of an overdose victim to remain with the person until help arrives, and emphasized the importance of quickly obtaining medical treatment.

First responders and the Red Lake Police Department carry nalaxone, a drug that can reverse the effect of an opioid overdose.

"The faster they get the nalaxone dose, the better the chances of the person recovering from an overdose," the release said.

The Red Lake warning was posted at the same time as a release from the White Earth Reservation, which said that in the past 48 hours police there had responded to seven "overdose related" calls. Two of those incidents resulted in deaths.

The White Earth Overdose Response Team held trainings Tuesday, allowing members of the public to learn to use nalaxone, also known by the brand name Narcan. The Red Lake Police Department encouraged opioid users to seek help.

"The Department also encourages the Citizens of the Red Lake Reservation to come forward and provide information so that we may put a stop to drugs being circulated," the post said.

If you have information on heroin use in your area, officials ask that you contact the White Earth Police Department, Red Lake Police Department, your local sheriff's office or you can call the White Earth anonymous tip line at (877) 410-8550 with any pertinent information.