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North Dakota agencies to help with Red Lake search

A photograph from one of the searches last week for two Red Lake fishermen who went missing Monday, Nov. 6, after their boat capsized on Lower Red Lake. (Red Lake Tribal Council photo)

RED LAKE -- North Dakota rescue personnel will help search for two missing Red Lake fishermen.

According to a news release from the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, the Red Lake Department of Public Safety asked for help from the Northeast Regional Water Rescue Team and the Stutsman County Dive Team after conditions on Lower Red Lake prevented further searches by boat.

The two fishermen -- identified as Deland Beaulieu, 29, and a 17-year-old boy -- have been missing since the afternoon of Nov. 6.

Three fishermen were working on a Red Lake Fisheries boat when it capsized on the east side of the lake near an area known as the “cut off.” One of the men, identified as 32-year-old Dominick Johnson, 32, swam to shore and survived.

Searchers have used boats, a hovercraft, divers and aircraft to search the lake, but have not found the two missing fishermen.

The Northeast Regional Water Rescue Team will travel to Red Lake on Monday and start operations Tuesday. The Grand Forks Regional Team will provide airboats and divers, and Stutsman County will provide a remotely operated underwater vehicle.

A news release from the Red Lake Department of Public Safety posted Saturday said the law enforcement command center will remain at “second bridge” near the lake and personnel will monitor ice conditions for cold weather dives.