CHISHOLM, Minn. -- A northern Minnesota woman was severely injured when one of her dogs attacked her Saturday night in her home.

According to a report filed by Chisholm police, officers were called that night to the residence of Jamie Ann Johnson, 39, and were alerted by two men upon arrival that Johnson was under attack in the backyard. Police found her lying on the ground, bleeding "profusely" from her arms and legs. Three pit bulls were lying near her, and one had blood on its head and body.

The dogs advanced "aggressively" toward police, growling and baring their teeth, according to the report. One officer fired a Taser at the lead dog, but didn't incapacitate it. The dogs were too close to Johnson for officers to shoot with a service weapon. Another Taser was fired at the dogs but did not connect.

When one dog - who officers believed to be a male - "came within inches of biting" an officer, the officer struck the dog in the head with his baton. It returned to Johnson and began to lick her. Johnson told officers the dogs were hers and they attacked her. When the pregnant female dog "charged" toward the officers, it was shot in the head and killed, the report said. The male dog that was covered in blood then ran inside the open door of the house. The officers were able to shut the door and trap the dog inside. The third dog had run away.

Johnson, who was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, said she was attacked by her male pit bull who "went wild" because another pit bull she owned was pregnant, according to the police report. The bites resulted in deep lacerations to her arm that cut to the bone, the report says. Johnson also told police the dog that had run off was not a threat. It has since been found and is being cared for. The male pit bull, deemed dangerous by police, was killed.