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BSU earns national ranking for online degree programs

BEMIDJI—BSU has one of the country's least expensive online bachelor's degrees, according to Washington State-based SR Education Group.

The group ranked BSU's online program 20th in the country, with a 14 available degrees and an annual tuition of $8,620. The average annual tuition of all the 50 ranked schools is $7,900, according to a statement from SR Education Group.

To be considered for the rankings, schools needed to have at least 10 "fully online" degrees, including at least one bachelor's or master's degree.

According to the group's website:

• Annual tuition numbers for the ranked schools were manually researched and represent the bachelor's degree level if the school offers at least one online bachelor's degree or the master's degree level if the school offers at least one master's degree but zero online bachelor's degrees. Out-of-state tuitions were used unless in-state tuition is offered to all online students. Tuition was calculated assuming full-time status.

• Schools with programs that require some on-campus coursework were still considered for the rankings if the amount of in-person work was limited to less than two weeks worth of in-person requirements.

• Program data including available degrees, tuition rates, and details about program coursework were collected from schools' official websites, reflecting data for the 2016-2017 school year.

Programmatic accreditation and profit status of schools were collected from official websites of the accreditation agencies or from the National Center for Education Statistics.