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Where everyone had a motive, and no one had an alibi: Blackduck High School speech team’s inaugural murder mystery dinner held Saturday

Cast of Cafe Murder: Kaydre Gullette, Kourtney Dobmeier, Angello Bell, Ellie Cleveland, Matthew Metzler, Nolan Juelson, Logen Patch, Caroline Cheney and Rachel Roberts. 1 / 5
2 / 5
Waiter (Nolan Juelson) and Rosemary (Kourtney Dobmeier) 3 / 5
The Sisters: Volleny the Trucker (Caroline Cheney), Valerie the Valley Girl (Kaydre Gullette), Marjorie the Business Executive (Ellie Cleveland), Rosemary the obnoxious birthday girl (Kourtney Dobmeier) and Melanie the Vegan Protester (Rachel Roberts)4 / 5
Chef (Matthew Metzler) and Maitre d' (Angello Bell)] 5 / 5

Saturday night, a full crowd enjoyed the inaugural BHS Speech Team Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.

The high school commons was transformed into an upscale restaurant—the scene of the crime, the infamous: Café Murder. Guests entered through a softly lit arboretum of gas lights and twinkle lights, to a red-roped walk-through to Café Murder’s hostess, Courtnee Porath, who turned them over to the owner and maître d’Angello Bell, to be seated.

Waiters and waitresses in uniform were standing by to immediately welcome guests with beverages, breads, and salads, as the cast began their entrances amidst the audience, who were amused—and sometimes startled by the rudeness of Rosemary St. John (Kourtney Dobmeier) and her sisters Ellie Cleveland, Rachel Roberts, Kaydre Gullette and Caroline Cheney. The sisters were anything but happy to be hauled away from their plans to celebrate Rosemary’s birthday at Café Murder.

When Rosemary turns up dead, the audience had to solve the crime, questioning the four sisters, the Maître d’, Chef (Matthew Metzler), Waiter (Nolan Juelson), and even the detective who showed up just in time to become a suspect himself (Logen Patch).

A dinner of barbecue-cheddar-bacon chicken breasts, baked potatoes, and green beans and dessert of birthday cake was served, and audience members looked for clues as to the identity of the killer.

The four tables who guessed correctly were rewarded with a prize—but before the guilty waiter could be taken away to jail, Rosemary returned—not dead after all.

A wonderful time was had by all—and by common agreement of audience, cast, waiters, and guests—the murder mystery dinner theater will become an annual event in December.