ST. PAUL - Isaiah Risland hopes to go fishing and ride his bike at home this summer, signs the 8-year-old Leonard boy is progressing after his near fatal injuries in an April 6 sailboat accident.

He's switched hospitals, rode a bike during rehabilitation therapy outside and attended church Sunday.

"He is looking great and working hard at all his therapies so that he can get back up north and play outside," aunt Tia Wallin wrote Sunday in a journal posting on the CaringBridge website.

"He's talking about going fishing this summer and riding his bike so he has his goals that he is working towards and that can be a great motivator."

Isaiah moved from Children's Hospital in Minneapolis to Gillette Hospital in St. Paul last week. Wallin said the new location is more specialized for Isaiah's rehabilitation.

Dan Risland and his three boys, including Isaiah, were sailing on Clearwater Lake, which straddles the border of Clearwater and Beltrami counties, in 10-foot fiberglass boat when it sank about 3 p.m. April 6. The father swam to shore to summon help after being unable to get the boys to land.

The boys were wearing life jackets, but spent about an hour in 40-degree water until first responders could reach them.

Isaiah's brothers, 6-year-old Zechariah and 2-year-old Jacob, died in the accident, apparently from hypothermia. Emergency crews revived Isaiah, who was airlifted to Minneapolis.

In other highlights from Wallin's writings, Isaiah has custom leg braces to help him move around and is allowed to eat and drink freely. He's also regaining movement in his right fingers and toes.

"This is ok, it takes the brain time to relearn how to send signals to all the different parts of the body and is nothing to worry about," Wallin wrote.

Those interested in sending cards to Isaiah can address them to Gillette's Children's Specialty Healthcare, Attention Rehabilitation/Neurology, Isaiah Risland, 200 University Ave. E., St. Paul, MN 55101.


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