I would like to give two thumbs down to the Paul Bunyan Mall coordinator. I, along with many others, was at the mall on Dec. 6 to see the Just For Kix dance recital.

Parents pay a lot of money to have their children participate in this show. Parents and grandparents, etc., wanted to see their loved ones perform. This and other activities, such as the fashion show, bring shoppers to the mall. Stores in the mall pay high rent to be in a place that attracts shoppers. The coordinator should be honored to host activities like this.

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There was no reason for not having rows of chairs set up surrounding the performance area. Not everyone may get a chair but it would help. The seating should also be reserved for the handicapped and the elderly, not all the small children who were sitting on the few couches that were provided. People were told to clear the space between the two jewelry stores where the performers were facing. An area should have been roped off for people to come up and take pictures, and then get out of the way again.

I would like to thank Dairy Queen for not making a big deal out of the use of two of their chairs for my grandmothers.

In addition, with the amount of money Santa charges for a picture, he should be able to afford a place to store his suit, other than the room where all those little kids change.

If anyone got a good video of this performance, it would be great if you could share it.

Katie Hartel