INTERNATIONAL FALLS -- Rainy Lake Medical Center announced Friday an affiliated partnership with Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota to provide electronic health records (EHR) to its patients.

“Sanford Health and Rainy Lake Medical Center have a long standing relationship in serving patients of northern Minnesota,” said Bryan Nermoe, president of Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota, in a release.

The health care provider will stay independent, but with the partnership it will have access to the industry’s most advanced medical record system, the release said. Rainy Lake will convert to the Epic EHR system within the next year with information technology from Sanford. Epic provides health care professionals with a secure and seamless way of storing, collecting and managing patient data, the release said. A singular electronic chart will follow a patient to all areas they receive care with this new system.

Patients can access their information from MyChart, a program related to the new system. With that access a patient can view lab results, pay bills and securely message providers from their phone or computer.

“Health care is changing, and we must change with it,” said Robert Pastor, chief executive officer of Rainy Lake Medical Center. “Implementing this advanced software system would not be feasible without a coordinated effort and partnership with Sanford Health. Partnering with Sanford allows us to implement the best electronic health record technology in the industry.”