When the school year ends, some children no longer have access to regular, daily meals.

But, thanks to the Summer Food Service Program that the United States Department of Agriculture created, many towns are now able to offer free meals during the summer.

The exact address, hours and menu of each of these places is easily available on an app created by Hunger Impact Partners, a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis.

Summer Eats Minnesota is free on the Apple Store or Google Play Store

“It (Summer Eats Minnesota) was an idea that came out of a brainstorming session,” said Ellie Lucas, Chief Executive Officer of the organization, via phone.

The app launched in 2017 and was tested in the metro area, but Lucas is now hoping to get more users across the state.

It’s important for locations offering meals that the number of lunches served stay high, as it shows the state education department that the program is needed there.