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4 family-friendly games to spice up any Turkey Day gathering

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FARGO — On Thanksgiving (and many other holidays to come), families and friends gather in their cozy homes to eat, drink and probably fight about their political viewpoints.

But if you're the type of person who needs a good laugh during family time — like seeing Grandma shake her backside like it's 1962 — then this your answer.

Try your luck at these four, family-friendly games to keep Thanksgiving entertaining and your home light-hearted this year.

Pinecone Toss

Players: 2 or more


• Pinecones or marshmallows

• Wreath or hula hoop

• Bucket

• String (to hang wreath/hula hoop)

• Stopwatch or timer


Hang the wreath (or have a player hold it), placing the bucket 2 to 3 feet behind. (Feel free to adjust the height of the wreath and the distance of the bucket to make the game playable for any age.) Each player gets 1 minute to toss as many pine cones through a wreath and into the bucket behind as they can. The player who makes the most into the bucket wins. (The game works well using furniture, like a couch, as a backstop.)

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Shake Your Tailfeather

Players: 2 or more


• Empty tissue boxes (2 or more)

• Craft feathers

• Pantyhose (1 per box)


Empty a tissue box and fill it with craft feathers. Cut two small holes in the back of the box and string pantyhose through (to attach the box to the player).

To play, give each player a box and have them tie the pantyhose around their waist so the tissue box is on their backside. Players must move around and shake the box until all of the feathers fall out. The first player to empty their box — without the use of their hands — wins.

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"Ask Me About"

Players: 4 or more


• Printable PDF game prompts (or your own written prompts)

• Scissors

• Bowl or bucket

• Dice


Write your own "Ask me about..." phrases, such as "Ask me about my outlook on life in six words" or "Ask me about the one thing I'm most thankful for" — or print the PDF of prompts and cut into individual strips. Place the prompts in a bucket for drawing. Have each player roll the dice; the player who rolls the highest number goes first, asking the question. The player to the left answers first, following clockwise around the table until everyone has answered. While there is no real "winner" to this game, everyone wins by learning something new about their friends and family.

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Thanksgiving Charades

Players: 4 or more


• Printable PDF game materials

• Pen (for scoring)

• 6- by 9-inch envelope (to hold game), optional

• Stopwatch or timer


Print the PDF which includes the game cards and scorecard. (The additional art can be cut out and taped to the envelope to hold the game for future use.) Cut out the cards and give at least one blank card to each player. Have them secretly write down what they are thankful for. Shuffle the cards and place into one pile. Teams earn different amounts of points according to color which relates to level of difficulty.

Teal = 1 point. Orange/blank = 2 points. Yellow = 3 points. Red = 5 points.

Divide into two teams. Roll a dice; the team who rolls the highest number goes first. A team member should be chosen to go first, drawing a card from the deck and acting it out without using their voice. Teammates must guess as many cards as possible in 1 minute before giving the other team a turn. Use the scorecard to track points for each card the team guesses correctly within the time limit.

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