Pup puts pen to paper, tells story in blog and books

BSU grad and her dog prove popular in blogs, books

Author Robin Kelleher and her dog Lina. Submitted photo.

BEMIDJI -- An author duo with roots in the Bemidji area have published their second book based on a popular blog series.

Robin Kelleher, who writes blog posts from the perspective of her five-year-old toy Australian shepherd Lina, recently published the book "Sit Stay Pray." The new book is the second collaborative project by Robin and Lina, with their first book, "Lina Unleashed," published in 2017.

While Kelleher and Lina now live and write about their adventures in Burnsville, Minn., they remain close to the region. Kelleher grew up on a farm near the town of Gully, Minn., and she earned a degree in music from BSU.

Kelleher went on to work as a music teacher for six years before working in real estate for another six years. She then attended the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul before joining a firm in Edina.

She's now partially retired from the firm, and with more free time, Kelleher decided to pursue her passions.


"I've always been a dog lover, when we were on the farm we had dogs all the time," Kelleher said. "But when I got Lina, I felt she was special. She's smart as a whip and has the best temperament I've seen in a dog."

Kelleher said since getting Lina, the dog has often given interesting looks, which compelled her to start the blog.

"I wanted to write down what she's saying to me through her looks and actions. So I started Lina's Dog Blog in 2015," Kelleher said. "From there, the books have basically been based on the blog posts and they're in a sequential order. It's like telling a story from Lina's point of view."

The ability to publish more independently gave Kelleher an advantage, she said, as she was able to partner with Beaver's Pond Press in St. Paul, rather than search for a larger publisher.

"It was a little harder than I thought it was going to be, but it really flowed naturally from the blog," Kelleher said. "I think the writing came naturally. When you're an attorney you learna lot about writing, even if it's about law, and I think that was a big help in my writing ability. And writing this was very liberating, you don't have to stay within the boundaries of legal writing, you can express yourself."

"Sit Stay Pray" is available for purchase at , or .

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