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John Persell Will Deliver On Health Care

I have known DFL candidate John Persell for many years. He is a dedicated public servant and one of the best people I know. John helped me testify in St. Paul in 2012 to get a new law passed that compensates Minnesota workers who get post-traumatic stress disorder from workplace violence.

John supports the MinnesotaCare Buy-In proposal. MinnesotaCare is an insurance program run by the State of Minnesota that is currently available only to lower-income residents. MinnesotaCare provides high-quality care delivered by the private sector, at a reasonable premium, with coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The Buy-In proposal would allow all Minnesotans to purchase coverage from MinnesotaCare. This is a sensible, long-term solution, and the Republicans refused to even give the idea a hearing during the 2017 legislative session. Instead, the GOP "fixed" our health care crisis by giving nearly a half-billion of our taxpayer dollars to insurance companies to keep premiums down for just two years. Minnesotans deserve better.

Lets re-elect John Persell. John will deliver for House District 5A and fellow Minnesotans on health care, like he delivered for 5A and working Minnesotans back in 2012.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.