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Minnesotans Want Equitable Welfare Programs

Working hard and working fair - those are some core beliefs of Minnesotans. Unfortunately, Congressman Collin Peterson doesnt seem to share those values at all. Though he used to support them, recently the congressman has voted against a proposed bill that would require able-bodied adults to meet work requirements to receive food stamps.

83% of voters in Minnesota support adding work requirements to our welfare programs. There are currently 169,000 able bodied adults receiving food stamps in Minnesota, of those, over half don't work at all. Taxes being levied from hardworking Minnesotans are being misallocated to support people who are just choosing not to work for their fair share. That is not in conjunction with the values of Minnesotas beliefs as hard-working, contributing society members.

Congressman Peterson has made it very clear, he does not hold the same values as the people of Minnesota and therefore he does not represent us. The people of Minnesota deserve better.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.