TRANSCRIPT OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE BELTRAMI COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS April 4, 2023 The Beltrami County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on April 4, 2023, at the County Administration Building Board Room, 701 Minnesota Ave NW, Bemidji, MN. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Chair Richard Anderson called the meeting to order at 5:02 pm with Commissioners Craig Gaasvig, Joe Gould, John Carlson & Tim Sumner present. GENERAL BUSINESS Approved Agenda and Amendments /M/Carlson /S/Gould – carried Approved Consent Agenda /M/Carlson /S/Gaasvig – carried CONSENT ITEMS APPROVED • Minutes, Aud/Treas Payment of Bills, Aud/Treas Warrant Listing • Bids for CP 004-615-023 & SAP 004-615-024 • Final Pay Voucher SP 004-070-035 • MN DNR Boat & Water Safety Grant & Resolution • Amendment to Jail Services Agreement w/Morrison County • Aerial Imagery Contract • Health & Human Services Warrant Payments List REGULAR AGENDA • /M/Sumner /S/Carlson to approve appointment of Wendy Spry to Jail Programming Committee. Carried 4:1 vote. • /M/Sumner /S/Gould to approve appointment of Kate Repko to Jail Building & Design Committee. Carried unanimous vote. • /M/Carlson /S/Gould to honor Contracts for 2020, 21, 22 w/The Nameless Coalition The Wolf paying $10,000 in 2023 budget and $20,000 in 2024 budget. Carried 3:2 roll call vote. MEETING ADJOURNMENT Adjourn @ 5:41 pm /M/Sumner /S/Gaasvig – carried Richard Anderson Chair Thomas H. Barry, County Administrator A copy of the complete minutes is available on the County website under Government at (April 26, 2023) 217032