-LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT- Minutes of Special Board Meeting The Red Lake School Board Red Lake Schools #38 A Special Board Meeting of the School Board of Red Lake Schools #38 was held March 18, 2020, beginning at 3:15 PM in the Red Lake District Office Board Room.

Minutes of Special Board Meeting
The Red Lake School Board
Red Lake Schools #38
A Special Board Meeting of the School Board of Red Lake Schools #38 was held March 18, 2020, beginning at 3:15 PM in the Red Lake District Office Board Room.
1. Dr. Giniwgiizhig provided an opening ceremony
2. Call to Order - Time: 3:18 PM
A. Board members present: Chris Jourdain Chair, Michael Barrett Vice-Chair, Robert McClain Director, Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait Director, Roy Nelson Treasure, Melinda Crowley Superintendent
Robert McClain has been appointment as the Clerk
B. Guests: Don Brun, Mike Nelson, Dr. Giniwglizhig, Ashley VanHorn, Wes Jourdain, Dustin Hinckley
3. Summary/Overview of Agenda - Superintendent Crowley
Marcus Tyler entered meeting at 3:26 P.M.
A. Elder Consultants - The District continues to receive funding (Indian Education - State) for the payments made to Elders. As long as the funding continues, the District will continue to pay them on a bi-weekly basis.
B. Employee's wishing to take leave following their employee master agreement and district procedures.
C. Long-term substitute teachers and non-licensed staff – The Governors Executive Order directed schools to follow the master agreements. Long-term substitute teachers and non licensed staff have contract rights and will continue to be paid accordingly.
D. Department of Health - Due to complex testing that is needed for the COVID-19 Virus they will do lab confirmed, clinically confirmed, self-diagnosed, and/or phone consultant. Red Lake School District will suggest a medical notification prior to accommodations being placed for employees.
E. Staff Concerns - Discussion on staff concerns for health and safety of employees interacting with other staff members/students/community. Safety of employees while delivering meals to students. Process/Procedures for essential and non-essential employees during school closures for students.
F. Staffing for the 2020-2021 School Year -
4. M/M/S Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait & Robert McClain to approve agenda for March 18, 2020. Yes 6; No 0; Abstain 0. Motion carried.
5. Public Comments and Delegations: This is a time for members of the public to address the Red Lake School Board about items on the agenda.
6. Action Items
A. M/M/S Robert Mcclain & Roy Nelson to approve amended minutes from March 15, 2020, emergency school board meeting. Yes 6; No 0; Abstain 0. Motion carried.
Melinda Crowley left meeting at 4:30 P.M.
B. M/M/S Robert McClain & Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait to approve amended minutes from March 16, 2020, emergency school board meeting. Yes 6; No 0; Abstain 0. Motion carried.
7. Discussion
A. Student Attendance Policy - Further information is needed on what the requirements will be changed to by MDE.
B. Technology needs for student/staff/community members - Why are there barriers to gaining access to WIFI and getting distant learning to students. Technology staff members will be required to attend the next scheduled board meeting to provide an update to the Board. Paul Bunyan will get access points in each community center and at each school locations. There will also be multiple locations that are being looked at. Agreed to upgrade everyone up to 1 GB that already has internet access. 9-12 grades have to work online due to credits and requirements. 10% of equipment will lose equity and insurance would not be a feasible option. Different options of software or filters/firewalls will need to be reviewed with the Technology department.
B. School Age Childcare Plan during State Ordered School Closure – As of 03/18/20, there are no emergency workers that are requiring childcare at this time. Discussion was made on what qualifications are needed for community members and how can we open up childcare to students that are open enrolled into another District. Further discussion on what Governor Executive Order set forth. Staff members that bring in their children need to be responsible for their grade level children while preforming all working duties regardless of the location of the work (I.E. bus riding to deliver food/school supplies). Administrative decisions can be made on a case-by-case basis as needed; Dustin will formulate this information into the procedure.
C. Bemidji Pioneer - Article on what we are doing with our food distribution program. They would like to come out and take pictures, interview some staff members to do a story on what we are doing for meal plans during the school closure for students. Chris will lead the process and put the word out for any staff members that want to share in on the positive things that are happening.
Robert McClain left meeting at 4:48 P.M.
Robert McClain entered into meeting at 4:50 P.M.
Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait left meeting at 4:51 P.M.
Robert McClain left meeting at 4:55 P.M.
C. M/M/S Roy Nelson & Michael Barrett to recess at 5:05 P.M. Yes 4; No 0; Abstain 0. Motion carried.
D. M/M/S Michael Barrett & Roy Nelson to call meeting to order at 5:19 P.M. Yes 4; No 0; Abstain 0. Motion carried.
E. Suppling staff members with emergency supplies - Some staff are asking to purchase supplies from the District. This would not be a board discussion.
F. Future plans - what would we do if they cancel schools for the remainder of the year? How can we ensure that our seniors' graduate and other students are able to get credits towards graduation? Something to think about and research but most likely the Departments of Education and the Governor will work together to put language and process out.
G. Update on how Transportation of meals to students is going and getting the forms back. It is important to check in on students and find ways to utilize technology to interact and keep connected with students. Staff members are being flexible with tasks as needed. Willie, Mike, and Melinda will need to do a capacity analysis to see if any other services can be aided in the community but there are no commitments at this time. Mike Nelson to provide information on the amount of daily mileage from all buses/vehicles to deliver meals.
H. Community Departments are reaching out and offering help to the District as needed. It was communicated that weekend resources would be a much better plan to better serve our students. The District will focus on Monday - Friday resources for students.
Melinda Crowley entered into meeting at 5:39 PM
I. Superintendent Meeting Update - Equability within staff members that may have options to do teleconference abilities. Important to set time frames, schedules and equability between all departments. Equability between education material, such as; arts/specialist/P.E. The department has given District options to be flexible in distant learning and what options can be removed during distant learning. Communication, progress, sharing progress and attendance of students. IEP, Libraries, content area groups (MN Reading/Writing/Math Associations) are getting together individually to provide resources. A Google-Doc will need to be logged by each of the Districts in Minnesota to pass onto the Governor daily (prior to 9:00 A.M.). Questions on how students can open enroll or transfer into the school district.
7. Adjournment M/M/S Michael Barrett & Chris Jourdain to adjourn. Yes 4; No 0; Abstain 0.
Adjourned at 6:07 P.M.
1 da; 4/8