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Laporte School Drama Club presents "Midsummer Jersey"

Patti Quince, played by Skylar St. Marie, updates the progress of the hairdressers as they rehearse their scene for the governor's wedding.(Submitted photo) 1 / 4
Members of the audience watch as Aysa Westrum, playing Robin Goodfellow, entertains the fairies (from left) Lacey Lahr, Tia Carpenter, Jeana Taylor, and Gracie Tusler with tales of his mischief. (Submitted photo)2 / 4
The fairies including Tia Carpenter, Jeana Taylor, Lacey Lahr, Arianna Meyer, Gracie Tusler, and Caitlyn Stute, sing their queen, Titania played by Janis Hawk, to sleep.(Submitted photo) 3 / 4
The teens, played by Gracie Gamache, Sam Langaas, Alex Forseman, and Hannah Kahlstorf, enjoy their reunion as Rufus, Mia's father, played by Reid Schrom, searches for an opening.(Submitted photo) 4 / 4

The Laporte School Drama Club presented Ken Ludwig's "Midsummer Jersey" last weekend.

"Midsummer Jersey" offered a modern retelling of Shakespeare's famous comedy, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Thirty one students participated in the production.