FARGO — There are two kinds of people in the world — those who really get into Halloween and those who don't.

The holiday was once known as "All Hallows' Eve" for the belief that Oct. 31 happens to be when the line between the living and the dead blur and mix. People began wearing costumes and building bonfires to ward off or appease the ghosts, although it's unclear why they thought that would work.

Today, the holiday is still insanely popular, but traditions have morphed and people will fight to the death (not really) about which ones are best.

So, what is the best Halloween movie?

Comparitech and data journalist Rebecca Moody compiled a list of the most popular Halloween movies by state.

North Dakota

According to this list, North Dakotans love "The Omen."

This 1976 horror film is about a couple's attempt to raise a young boy who actually turns out to be the son of Satan. Fun stuff.


In Minnesota, "The Invisible Man" tops the list.

The 1933 film — yes, we said 1933 — is a science fiction movie about a scientist who invents a way to become invisible and finds himself quite enjoying the invisible and random violence he can inflict. Pretty sick for 1933.

South Dakota

South Dakotans enjoy themselves a little quality time watching "The Thing," according to the study.

This 1982 film starring Kurt Russell is a science fiction horror film that depicts a team of American scientists in Antarctica who come across a "thing" that is actually a parasitic extraterrestrial life-form that can take on the form of anything it wants — including people. Clearly this causes trust issues among friends and coworkers.

And Wisconsin.

Those crazy kids enjoy getting their minds messed with by "The Ring," a 2002 supernatural thriller about a nightmarish video tape. Whoever watches the tape has only seven days to live. No worries — a newspaper reporter played by Naomi Watts is set on figuring out whether or not this is true. Of course she'll watch the tape.

Here's a look at the rest of the country: