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MATTHEW LIEDKE COLUMN: Guillermo del Toro a likely pick for best director on Oscar night

The 90th Academy Awards – the Oscars – are set for March 4. Over the next several weeks, we will take a look at my favorites to win the golden statues.

This year’s directorial category in the Academy Awards is one of the strongest in years. There’s diversity, talent and most important, the directors nominated have put out some really good pictures.

The nominees for the Oscar are:

► Christopher Nolan for “Dunkirk.”

► Jordan Peele for “Get Out.”

► Greta Gerwig for “Lady Bird.”

► Paul Thomas Anderson for “Phantom Thread.”

► Guillermo del Toro for “The Shape of Water.”

While the field is loaded, though, the choice for who will win the trophy may already be clear.

Who Will Win:

So far, director del Toro has picked up the most important hardware during this award season. His wins up until this point include the Golden Globe for Best Director, the Critics’ Choice award for Best Director, and the top honor from the Directors Guild of America.

On top of his wins, del Toro has received immense praise for his film, especially because of how he incorporated his visionary style. Considering the momentum, del Toro should take home the top honor.

Who Could Win:

The only reason del Toro wouldn’t win this category is because of the major competition, mainly from Gerwig and Peele. For example, Peele has won Best First Time Director from the Director’s Guild, the Best Directorial Debut award from the National Board of Review, and the Breakthrough Director honor from the Gotham Film Awards.

Gerwig, meanwhile, took home Best Director from the National Board of Review and the National Society of Film Critics. Even Nolan could come in and snag the trophy for his wellcrafted picture “Dunkirk.”

Out of those three, I’d say Peele would probably be the one pulling the upset.

Who Should Win:

Real tough decision this year. “Lady Bird,” “Get Out” and “Shape” all made my top 10 lists for 2017 and I have plenty of respect for Nolan and Anderson for their works. However, when all is said and done, I have to lean toward del Toro for making such a great picture with so much personal flair.

Matthew Liedke is a news reporter for the Bemidji Pioneer and a film critic for AreaVoices. More thoughts on the film industry and movie reviews can be found at /.

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