EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. — A group of filmmakers is shooting a slasher flick at an East Grand Forks farmhouse.

Most of the crew are graduates of Minnesota State University Moorhead — a group of friends who say they are living their dream. The location they’re shooting the film on is a close friend's farm.

"This location, it's sort of surreal. I grew up here almost," said Brady Halverson, the untitled movie’s producer.

"I'd come here all the time and his mom, Jane, would show us horror movies at a very young age,” he said. “Which may not be good but we really enjoyed it. And it kind of inspired me to get into the industry."

The movie is about a group of criminals who look to lay low after a heist, explains director Steven Warkel. But horror ensues when the group ends up at the wrong address and is picked off by a slasher killer.

For the last week, Warkel and the group of filmmakers have been shooting classic slasher scenes.

"It's a fun but very scary process," said Emily Carlson, an actor who plays the main character, Kay. "I'm from northern Minnesota and I've never shot a gun . . . so that was new . . . I look in the mirror and I'm like, 'oh my gosh — that's me.'"

"This is just something I've always wanted to do — to make movies,” said Joe Greening, director of photography. “It's just so surreal to me to be just on a set like this."

The movie's budget is $30,000, which is considered a "no-budget" film.

The filmmakers say the blood is a professional prop made of corn syrup. All the cars used in the film have been donated. A lot of the crew are also donating their services.

"Most people are just volunteering their time so it's just been really cool to see everyone come together," Greening said.

All involved are thankful for the support of people and organizations helping them accomplish their goal. Filming wraps Tuesday and the group hopes to have the movie premiere locally sometime next summer.

"(We're) doing it for free because we want to make a movie. It's the dream and to just do that is awesome," Warkel said.