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We all should pitch in and clean up what we see

I discovered a wonderful new exercise program. It is Earth Day. A day, that as a teenager, I was able to take part of in the early '70s. To celebrate I decided to walk the half mile stretch down our road and pick up garbage.

Before leaving my house I wondered what size bag to use. I decide to use a full size kitchen waste bag. I returned from the walk with that bag full and a second bag I found full of empty beer cans. 

We are experiencing a very rough time in our lives with the economy and just general state of affairs. How could we work to help our economy and also our health? We each need to take a walk around our homes and clean up what we see. We need to look at our consumption and decide what is necessary and what isn't. We need to move beyond the mentality of someone else is going to solve our problems and all pitch in to get the job done.

Let's get together on this, Bemidji and Beltrami!

Jennifer Lamberson