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Vacation for Mack was overly generous

I am writing after reading Judy McDonald’s letter (Dec. 5) regarding the vacation package awarded Kay Mack. I too applaud Jim Lucachick for being willing to object to this overly generous paid time off benefit.

Kay is an elected official, not an employee. As such, she did not accrue any vacation or sick time pay. She was allowed to use her judgment and take time off when she felt she could or should. There was no accrual to be transferred. The paid time off benefit from the county board was a gift. A gift that the county is now obligated to fund. If Kay should quit or become unavailable for her position, even after one day, the county would be required to pay her or her survivors, in cash. This would be mandated at her hourly rate of pay, for the remaining balance of paid time off. This package is worth approximately $20,000 at Kay’s current rate of pay.

I do know Kay and I know that she is a hard worker, but so are the hundreds of other county employees. Where is the equity? Those at the top don’t achieve success by themselves.

Karen Haugen