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Think about ramifications when you vote

To my friends who recently voted for more and bigger government, may I suggest you reconsider your previous decision in light of the following:

The federal government has revealed that it secretly tracks your personal telephone, internet, smart-phone numbers and locations and has been doing so for years with permission of your Congressmen.

The Attorney General’s office secretly monitors thousands of calls to and from Associated Press reporters without informing the AP, as required by law and the Constitution.

The Internal Revenue Service secretly abuses American citizens for holding certain political or religious opinions, which disagree with current Administration views, by withholding or delaying acceptance of their request for tax exempt status during the presidential campaign and beyond.

The Attorney General’s office illegally and secretly indicts a Fox News journalist for reporting on leaks that were not first approved by the Obama Administration and only after lying to a district judge in order to seek prosecution powers. Ironically, this action was undertaken by America’s top Law Enforcement agency only after they were denied permission by two other Judges and deceiving the third.

The State Department, White House and U.N. Secretary deliberately lied to the American people about the real reason behind terrorists attack on Benghazi, because the State Department wanted to cover up mistakes resulting in the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three CIA operatives.

The Attorney General was cited as being in Contempt of Congress for failing to reveal the facts surrounding the U.S. role in supplying guns to drug cartels in Mexico, that started and stopped during the Bush administration, and now will be adjudicated before the Supreme Court in order for Americans to find out the truth.

The ObamaCare "Affordability Act" gives IRS authority to look at your bank account, credit cards, savings accounts, investments, mortgage, and gifts from relatives, disability, welfare, food stamps and even the school lunch, free bus rides, or your other "financial family benefits" before you can qualify for health care insurance, tax exemption, or welfare payments, and authority to punish you if you fail to comply. Yes, the same IRS official responsible for overseeing the targeting conservatives and religious groups will be targeting you for payments or abuse.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: "If you are willing to give up freedom in order to gain security, you may lose both."

J. Robert Brouse