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Skip the rhetoric, watch the actions

I find many policies of the Obama administration to be very disturbing. I will mention just a few in the space allotted. The Obama administration appears to be following the lead of the previous Bush group in spending taxpayer money on projects that don’t seem to lead to any job creation or stimulate the economy to any extent.

For example, according to the DeWeese Report, an article lists the following abuses or taxpayer funds: Under the stimulus program $65 million was spent on a tunnel to nowhere in Pittsburgh; $1.9 million for international ant research; $400,000 to study why monkeys respond negatively to inequality; $529,000 to study the effects of the environment on local populations in the Himalayas; and $456,000 to study the circulation of Neptune’s atmosphere. This is just a partial list. Evidently the name of the game was to bankrupt us into socialism very rapidly.

Another policy I find disturbing in this administration’s seemingly indifference to the financial concerns of our disabled veterans. Most of them are having to wait many months and some up to a year to receive their disability pay due to a sluggish VA system. Why wasn’t the VA given a stimulus grant to speed up the process? If it weren’t for the generosity of our wonderful veterans groups such as the American Legion and VFW some of these disabled vets would be in dire straits indeed, many probably even homeless. Can you imagine Obama’s banking friends waiting a year for their bailout money? Fat chance.

Then there is the big problem at our southern border with Mexico, which Obama and Co. refuse to do anything with regard to closing it. I just so happens that over 30,000 people have been murdered within sight of our southern border in just the past four years. Obama and Co.’s only solution is to declare huge tracts of America “off limits” to Americans and have left this sovereign land to the criminals, drug smugglers and illegal aliens.

Well here we have a president who sees no problem with the murder of the helpless unborn. And, as a state lawmaker in Illinois, voted twice to deny lifesaving medical care to babies born mistakenly in botched abortions.

Skip the rhetoric, but watch the actions of the administration very closely. We all know that actions speak much more loudly than words have and always will.

Jean Nyquist