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Romney is guided by principle

Every counselor knows that when someone tells him about the behavior of another, the strong possibility is that the report is correct. But when someone tells him about the motives of another, it's a different story. We really never know another's motives.

So where does the report come from? We have learned to interpret it as the motive the reporter would have in the same circumstances.

While GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was concluding his three-country tour with a stop in Poland on Monday, National Public Radio analyst Cokie Roberts was accusing the former Massachusetts governor of having a one-word reason for visiting that nation: race. But there is no reason for this accusation except Ms. Roberts' own predilection. She is the one who considers politics an exercise in courting blocs of voters, and saying the right things in the right places.

The idea that Romney might actually believe we ought to support Poland, a country that spent years as a puppet state of Russia, and only broke away through a courageous stand against that oppression, would never occur to someone who thinks the art of politics is a game of phony behavior.

Such people can never understand someone whose life is guided by principle. He may seem dull, and they may consider his honesty as a mistake, but Romney is what he is. And that's refreshing.

Joe Smith