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Plenty of funds for health care if not for Iraq war

There sure has been an awful lot of complaining on the issue of health care reform. The complainers are getting louder and some violent. Upset by the prospect of how much it will cost, and afraid of what they might lose.

Where were all these complainers when we were about to go off to war? We've spent/lost almost $900 billion on war so far, and created untold medical disasters for thousands of soldiers returning with serious injuries. Want money for health care? Our country should start caring about society. Stop making war and destruction, stop investing in weapons, and stop being the bully of the planet.

Maybe then we could improve investing in humanitarian efforts here at home, and around the globe. If the delivery of health care in our country was not based on a profit for the shareholders of insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, maybe it would cost less. If our priorities were more compassionate based, we could all be better off.

Jeffrey Sawyer