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People's Church offers only safe place for children

Many concerned citizens have shared their concern about the People's Church.This letter is written on behalf of a group of citizens who haven't learned how to write yet. Whoever has visited the People's Church will have noticed that the age group below 10 years is by far the biggest group there. In many cases the People's Church is the only safe place these youngsters have in their lives. With many other citizens these young people are very concerned about the People's Church.

For more than 10 years, the People's Church has helped countless people in the community of Bemidji with all kinds of needs. Whether it is a bite to eat or a shoulder to cry on, a warm pair of boots or an ear to listen to, a safe place to play or an Easter basket, whether it is somebody to pray or to read the Bible with, the People's Church fulfills all these needs every day of the year.

How many institutions or churches in Bemidji can uphold this claim? For these children, it is very hard to understand, why anybody would want to rob them of this place. On behalf of my many young friends I beg everybody not to let this happen.

Peter Birmanns