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No need to rebuild South Lake Movil Road

All of Northern Township should be aware that on June 13, the Northern Township Board voted to "rebuild" South Lake Movil Road at a cost of more than $630,000 of your money. This is going to be a two-year project. This road is only one mile long, and had one accident on it in the last five years (a car hit a deer) and is traveled by mainly local residents. Road traffic is very minimal,

On June 13, despite the fact that Northern Town Hall was filled with South Movil residents and East Lake Movil residents, most of whom did not want to see this happen, it was voted through. Petitions were presented by a majority of the residents, and despite the fact that no traffic studies were done, no environmental studies were done (wetlands will be filled and trees will be taken down) and no accident reports checked, this project was voted through.

The Board cited safety issues and traffic issues but, by their own admission, no studies have ever been done. Board members in the past have made comparisons to Birchmont Drive. This is not Birchmont Drive. Is it necessary to widen the road with a four foot shoulder on each side? Will this increase the speed on this quiet country road and thereby reduce the safety of the road? We don't know because no studies have been done.

Many South Lake Movil residents were asking for the overlayment option (which was Option 3 of the options originally presented by the board) which will result in no trees being removed, no curb and gutter, no wetlands being filled in, but the Board said they would no longer consider that option.

The South Lake Movil residents have been told there will be no assessments to you. Where then does all the money come from? There is $208,000 in the Road and Bridge fund for all of Northern Township. We have been told they will use the Reserve Account. Are there other roads, perhaps, in more need of repair in Northern Township?

You have to ask yourself why. Why was this pushed through? Why spend so much of our funds on only one road in all of Northern Township for an expensive two-year project? After all, the Board is spending your money and they should be representing all of Northern Township.

Steve and Jill Hill