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Letter: Time change good also to check smoke alarms

Daylight Saving Time arrives in Minnesota at 2 a.m. on Sunday, so most people will roll their clocks forward one hour just before they retire. That process takes a few minutes, but it's worth the time because it makes life easier the next day.

The process of checking your smoke alarm batteries takes less time than changing your clocks, and it's even more worthwhile, because it can save your life.

Research tells us that about 92 percent of American homes have smoke alarms, but nearly a third of them contain dead batteries, or the batteries have been removed for use elsewhere. Statistically, alarms cut your chances of dying in a fire by at least half. When you remove those batteries, you're borrowing against your life.

I hope that all of our citizens will take time this weekend not only to adjust their clocks, but to make their homes safer. Change your clocks, change your batteries, and if your home lacks smoke alarms, install them now. They can save your life, your children, your property and your pets -- but only if they work.

Jerry Rosendahl

Minnesota State Fire Marshal

St. Paul