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Letter: Could we have recycling pickups in rural areas?

I’ve been hearing a lot about the need to increase the amount of recycling that is being done. Yes, I agree, but at the same time I know that Beltrami County does a great job, better than a lot of counties. I know when Beltrami County went to including on our taxes the fee of using the Waste Management facilities, many didn’t like it, but a lot of garbage came out of the swamps and the place was packed. In Itasca County, in order to bring in garbage you have to buy tokens at a local gas station before going to the dump and you don’t know how many tokens it will take to drop extra large garbage.

A long time ago I started recycling, and I will actually have more recycling than I do garbage unless I am fixing or remodeling. I do have Waste Management pick up here out in the country, and I don’t mind paying every two months for pickup. When I do have to recycle I take it to town and try to find a dumpster that is not overflowing to place my recycling into.

A lot of us country people do bring our recycling into town to recycle, beside all the townspeople. No wonder the dumpsters are always full.

I am not knocking Waste Management — it is hard for them to keep up with keeping them empty. What I was wondering is if besides offering garbage pickup, offer recycling pickup for the country people also on the same days as their garbage pickups? With recycling trucks going first so if they find something that is not recyclable it could be left for the garbage trucks. For one I wouldn’t mind paying for this extra service because when I go to town I have to unload at a dumpster before I do any shopping. Just a thought.

Ann Illies