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It seems foolish to allow criminals to take our jobs

Arizona passed a law making it easier to apprehend illegal immigrants. The Feds don't want illegal immigrants caught. I don't know their reasons, but I would speculate that they wouldn't stand up for public scrutiny.

I do know that Arizona has good reasons for catching and deporting illegal immigrants. A lot of it is that they are illegal because they can't pass the rules for normal immigration. Many of them are thieves, rapists and murderers. They are usually encumbered by the bales of marijuana they are dragging. They are finding Arizona the easiest place to cross and make a nuisance of themselves.

The Feds usually spout economic reasons for not wanting them caught. Perhaps some bribes will quit coming? Maybe they will miss the profits from the drug trade? Possibly they will miss the drugs themselves?

In a nation plagued by excessive unemployment, it seems foolish to allow criminals to take the jobs. Perhaps they are not jobs that a spoiled U.S. welfare recipient would desire. The WPA was not anyone's ambition either but I knew workers who said that it was better than starving.

Marvin A. Christenson