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Here’s why (not) to vote for Romney

Some say the upcoming election for president will offer a monumental choice to us voters and will determine which economic model will prevail for decades to come.

Since most of us are not economists here is a simpler way to figure out how to cast your vote.

Vote for Mitt Romney if:

--You believe creating wealth for the wealthy will benefit the middle class.

--You believe lowering taxes for small businesses will encourage owners to produce more of their product even if there is no demand for it.

--You believe that health care is a privilege for those who can afford health insurance rather than a right of all.

--You agree with Romney that “I am not concerned about the very poor; they have a safety net.”

--You believe that letting Chrysler and General Motors go through bankruptcy would have been better than bailing them out.

--You believe the Clean Air Act should be repealed.

--You believe “corporations are people too.”

--You believe all undocumented workers (illegal aliens) should be deported rather than offer them a pathway to citizenship.

--You believe Mitt Romney would have had the courage to make the call on Osama Bin Laden as well as the other 14 members of Al Qaida that have been killed to date.

--You believe Mitt Romney would have had the courage to “lead from behind” to rid the world of Moammar Gadhafi without losing a single American life.

--You believe in repealing Dodd-Frank, the first significant banking regulation reform since the New Deal. (Oops, now he says we need “some” regulation.

--You believe in pro choice or pro life. (You get to have this one either way since Romney has taken opposing positions on either side of this divisive issue.)

So complexity is reduced to simplicity. If you agree with these positions taken by candidate Romney then the way is clear: Vote for Romney.