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GOP should work for all, not just party

Michele Bachmann , Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and many others have stated that their main job is to make our president a one-term president. I believe the people we voted in to office have the main job to work for us all, not just for their party and for the richest 1 percent.

Workers come last in our country. They have to compete with Chinese labor. The big corporations and big shots help themselves, each other and finance the GOP. Have workers’ wages and benefits increased since the right wing began to control our Congress? Has anything constructive been done? Did you notice that while the workers suffered from high unemployment and declining ability to pay their bills, the super-rich got richer. At the same time, they fought unemployment benefits and other means of assisting people out of work.

While recovering from heart surgery I watched a lot of our Minnesota Legislature in action. Inoperative is a better word. Not much action and very little progress, I’d say. Dave Hancock and the other GOPs did not lead, they followed every vote that Zellers told them. When the minority leader asked Zellers why he was wasting the state’s time and money on frivolous bills instead of a good job’s bill, he just looked the other way.

It was very clear that the GOP in our state was in tune with Bachmann, McConnell and the rest of the do-nothing GOP in Congress who are trying to make sure our president fails, and avoid helping get our country and its people back on their feet.

Then to put salt in the wound, they run a person against him who has put more jobs overseas than anyone can comprehend. Talk to the thousands of people who are out of work from Mitt’s money-making schemes. He should be in the Big House, not the White House.

I think back to the statement Ross Perot made. “It’s time to clean out the barn.”

John Lauderbaugh