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God has not abandoned mankind

I really appreciated reading the well-written letter from Terry Larson of Cass Lake and published in last Sunday’s Pioneer. He was responding to Susan Brown’s commentary “Where was God during marathon?”

I am astonished at the level of ignorance shown by those who continue to blame God whenever something tragic occurs. The ignorance I refer to is generated from those who obviously have not taken the time to learn about our creator by reading His words as recorded in the Bible. Anyone who has done so knows that He is a God of love. The evil that lurks among mankind is of our own making and a direct result of the decline in the faith that God even exists.

What is equally as disturbing is that some religious leaders tend to lay the blame on God as well. They have been known to say “God needed more angels in heaven” whenever there has been a loss of a child or children. It’s that sort of statement that is nothing short of an outright lie and only serves to perpetuate the lie that God is to blame when bad things happen. The comment made by the religious leader in regard to the bombings in Boston is just one example – he likened God’s workings to a “tapestry with dark threads woven in.” That’s not the God that I know and love.

America’s forefathers established what was to be “One nation under God” and our minted coins still state “In God We Trust.” But that’s no longer true – God is being taken out of the equation. There is an ongoing effort to remove any mention of God from all levels of our government, even to the public schools. We are no longer “One nation under God” – we are a nation under the laws of man. And man’s laws are designed to accommodate any and every conceivable so-called “freedom” that our culture desires. God hasn’t abandoned this country or mankind in general ... mankind has abandoned God. Why should He be blamed for our failings?

Jan Lueken